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Methodical Cleaning Perfection

Clean your floors more effectively and efficiently with Roborock E4. Every movement it makes is precisely monitored by a suite of precision sensors. Combined with an internal map of walls and obstacles it encounters, it knows where it has been and what is left to clean. It moves up to 10% faster1, while an 11% increase3 in suction and double the battery power delivers deeper, longer-lasting cleaning. Combine suction with mopping2 to eliminate the fine dirt that other vacuums may miss. Use the app to set detailed schedules for different days and even suction levels

Fast and Logical

Using gyroscopes, OpticEyeTM motion tracking, and a bumper, E4 closely tracks its movements, edges of rooms, and obstacles. It knows where it has been, and can calculate where it needs to go. Because it moves up to 10% faster1, it finishes cleaning quicker.

Dual gyroscopes

Onboard gyroscopes monitor minute changes in the angle of motion and recognize if the robot has been flipped.

Roborock E4 dual gyroscopes monitor angle and recognize robot flip

Motion tracking system

A laser and LED-based OpticEye motion tracking system provide high-frequency analysis of travel distance.

Roborock E4 laser and LED-based motion tracking system travel distance analysis

Internal route plan

Gyroscope and motion tracking data combine to create an internal map used to create logical cleaning paths.

Roborock E4 internal map creates logical cleaning paths

Serious suction

Strong suction is great for lifting grime off floors and critical for dragging it out of carpets. That is why E4’s suction is 11% stronger3 maxing out at 2000Pa4. Expert airflow engineering, streamlined ducts, and a bell-shaped high static pressure zone keep suction consistently powerful throughout the clean.

More than a Vacuum

Make your floors shine and remove fine particles that other vacuums may leave behind with the easily attached mop2. Now 28% larger1, the upgraded E4 mopping system2 uses innovative hydraulics to let you adjust the water flow to meet different cleaning preferences.

Harsh on Hair

Anti-tangle main brush, side brush, and omnidirectional front-wheel resist tangles better, keeping E4 cleaning without interruption.

Handle Larger Homes

Extremely large homes can be cleaned effortlessly using Auto Top-Up. E4 knows if it hasn’t finished a job so if the battery runs low it will return to the dock for a top-up charge and continue where it left off.

Everything in an App

Your phones is all you need for control. Start cleaning from anywhere, set schedules, choose cleanup modes, check on cleaning progress in real-time, and more. After a cleanup, review a completed map to make sure E4 has covered your entire home.

Control everything you need for cleanup in an App

Delicate furniture

As E4 approaches an obstacle, the SensientTM sensor array will detect it and slow E4 to touch the obstruction with a gentle tap, keeping your furniture unmarked even after many cleans. If E4 finds its way into a tricky space, its round shape and detailed route tracking help it escape.

Pet hair

Pet hair has no escape from E4. A wide cleaning brush captures more hair with every stroke. Optimized edge cleaning captures fur hiding in corners. Boost mode cranks power to maximum, reaching deep into carpets, then all debris is funnelled through a HEPA-Type filter to remove dander, pollen, and more before releasing it back into your room.

Hardwood floors

Make hardwood floors gleam. Powerful suction lifts dirt effortlessly off floors. Optimized edge cleaning speeds up the side brush on edges to flick out stubborn grime but slows it away from walls to minimise cross-contamination. A logical cleaning path cleans thoroughly and efficiently, and when combined with mopping, can capture the fine dust other vacuums miss.


Bring carpets back to vibrant life. Able to climb 2cm (0.8in) obstacles5, E4 easily climb onto carpets. When a carpet is detected, suction is immediately turned to the maximum to pull trapped dirt from deep in the piling.

More cleaning less emptying

A 640ml dustbin stores up to a week of dust and can be emptied in seconds

Washable Filter

The integrated E117 rated air filter is washable for a longer life.

Furniture protection

E4 automatically slows when it detect obstacles in its path.

Anti-entrapment systems

As it records every movement, E4 can escape from tricky locations.

Deep carpet cleaning

When E4 detects a carpet, suction power automatically increases to the maximum.

Optimized edge cleaning

E4 cleans the interiors of a space first, then finishes by running close to each wall. As it does, the side brush accelerates for a deeper clean.

1. Compared with Roborock E2 and E3 in a controlled lab environment

2. Mopping system is an optional extra for E4 units purchased on Amazon

3. Compared with Roborock E2

4. Tested internally by the manufacturer according to IEC 62885-2:2016 / 5.8 standards

5. Without a mopping system attached.

6. Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer in Quiet mode on hard floors with a full battery and with no mop system attached. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.

7. Produced and tested by an independent third party in accordance with EN 1822-1:2009 standards