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$179.99 $299.99

Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum with Carpet Boost

$179.99 $299.99

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Key Features

OpticEye™ Navigation with Z-Shape Route
Powerful 2000Pa Suction
Auto Carpet Boost
Sensient™ sensor array
Comprehensive App and Voice Control
Large 640ml Dustbin
Extra-large 5200mAh Battery with 200min Max Runtime
Auto Top-Up
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Enjoy the Deep Cleanup

Clean your floors more effectively and efficiently with Roborock E4. Every movement it makes is precisely monitored by a suite of precision sensors. Combined with an internal map of walls and obstacles it encounters, it knows where it has been and what is left to clean. It moves up to 10% faster, while an 11% increase in suction and double the battery power delivers deeper, longer-lasting cleaning. Combine suction with mopping to eliminate the fine dirt that other vacuums may miss. Use the app to set detailed schedules for different days and even suction levels.

2000Pa Strong Suction

Strong suction is great for lifting grime off floors and critical for dragging it out of carpets. That is why E4’s suction is 11% stronger maxing out at 2000Pa. Expert airflow engineering, streamlined ducts, and a bell-shaped high static pressure zone keep suction consistently powerful throughout the clean.

Automatic Carpet Boost

Carpet Boost cranks up the power of 2000Pa on carpets for a deeper clean, easily lifts dirt.

Everything in an App

Your phones is all you need for control. Start cleaning from anywhere, set schedules, choose cleanup modes, check on cleaning progress in real-time, and more. After a cleanup, review a completed map to make sure E4 has covered your entire home.

Automatic Top-Up Charging

When the battery is low, the robot will return to the dock to recharge then continue from where it left off.

Fast and Logical

Using gyroscopes, OpticEyeTM motion tracking, and a bumper, E4 closely tracks its movements, edges of rooms, and obstacles. It knows where it has been, and can calculate where it needs to go. Because it moves up to 10% faster, it finishes cleaning quicker.

Harsh on Hair

Anti-tangle main brush, side brush, and omnidirectional front-wheel resist tangles better, keeping E4 cleaning without interruption.

Low to the Ground

A super-slim 3.55in tall design allows the robot to reach under beds, sofas, and other areas where dirt hides.

Safer Cleaning with Sensient

The Sensient array of sensors keeps the robot away from ledges and drops for a safer clean on multi-level homes.

Control Movement with Magnets

Stop access to rooms or bumping into fragile décor with magnetic strips that can be stuck to the ground.

*Magnetic strip needs to be purchased separately.

What's in the Box

E4 Robot Vacuum (1)

Charging Dock (1)

Power Cable (1)

User Manual (1)


Retail box Dimensions: 19.25 x 15.87 x 5.98 (inches)

Box Weight: 13.25 lbs

Robot Weight: 8.38 lbs

Robot Dimensions: 13.78 inches width x 3.80 inches high

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Q: Can it automatically return to the dock for charging?

A: Yes. When the battery is low, the robotic vacuum cleaner will dock itself, charge automatically, and then return to the original place to continue cleaning.

Q: Will it be able to climb onto area rug in our carpeted living room?

A: Yes. The E4 can be used on carpets, tile, laminated, and hardwood floors. When it walks on the carpet, the suction will increase up to 2000pa to take away the dust on it.