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Robot Vacuums

Intelligent. Effective. Automatic.

Cordless Stick Vacuum

Long-Lasting. Powerful. Anti-Allergen.

Introducing S6 MaxV

The Roborock Advantage

Expert Navigation

Engineered for Life

Fingertip Control


Purposeful Power

Easy to Use

Whether you choose the motion tracking navigation E series or the LiDAR S series, you get precision navigation praised by media around the world.

Built from premium materials and precision-engineered, every product gives you the ultimate cleaning experience.

Complete app control for robots, including advanced scheduling, suction power, and No-go Zone control without accessories.

HEPA and E11 rated filters remove allergens from floors and surfaces giving you a more comfortable home.

Suction power is tailored for purpose, giving deep cleaning strength to our cordless, and long runtimes to our robots.

Getting cleanup started is as easy as plugging in, charging up, and pushing a button.


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