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Roborock Affiliate Program


Innovation for Better Living

Roborock is committed to innovation in the research, development, and production of home cleaning devices. In particular, robot, cordless, and wet/dry vacuums. At Roborock, every product has been designed to solve genuine problems so that Roborock customers can live better lives.

Currently, Roborock is active in over 40 countries, including the United States, Germany, France, and Spain.

The Roborock affiliate marketing program has been introduced to expand service beyond Roborock’s current customers. It has been designed to build strong relationships with publishers and make our latest offers more widely known.

How is the Program Implemented?

An exclusive affiliate link will be automatically generated for each partner. This link allows Roborock to track sales and other activities by each affiliate to ensure the authenticity of every conversion.

All publishers driving traffic to us.roborock.com will be tracked, any successful purchase made via an affiliate link would be counted as a referral order, and each valid referral will earn the affiliate a 4%-7% commission on the value of every item sold.

What are the Benefits?

•    All affiliates are paid a regular commission of 4%-7%
•    Tracking link and Coupon Code tracking available
•    Complete data feed
•    $300 average order value
•    In-app communication available
•    Up to date banners, links, and data
•    Cookie period of 30 days
•    Custom assets available upon request

Why Choose Us?

Why choose to be a Roborock affiliate? The robot vacuum industry is growing rapidly, and Roborock is one of the fastest-growing brands in the space. Roborock’s commitment to innovation and the constant improvement of products in the sector is unparalleled and covers everything from navigation to ease of use, allergy friendliness, effectiveness, and much more. They help people tackle one of life’s constant chores, giving people more control over how they spend their lives.

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*Note: Roborock will review all applications. Commission will begin to be earned after approval as an official Roborock affiliate.