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Roborock Qrevo S
Essential Power, Ultimate Convenience
Multifunctional Dock
Now you can rest.
With no compromise, this fully automated dock empties and washes the robot, so you can focus on what truly matters.
Mop Self-Washing
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Warm Air Drying
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Auto Dust Emptying
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Auto Tank Refilling
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Detachable Dock Base
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30% Faster Charging
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Mop Self-Washing
Cleaner mop.
Cleaner floor.
Multifunctional dock emulates the cleaning process of a washing machine for mops, featuring a slow pre-wash, a medium rinse, and a high-speed spin drying. It dynamically adjusts speed and water flow for high efficiency and convenience.
dynamic cleaning process
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Warm Air Drying
Silently. Safely. Evenly.
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low drying noise1
While drying, noise levels are minimized to as low as 45dB(A), similar to the ambient noise level in a library.
3x Safety Protections
constant temperature drying
The multifunctional dock ensures safe drying with a thermostat, a fuse, and software control.
rotation interval to dry evenly
During drying, the mop automatically rotates once every 15 minutes, ensuring more uniform drying of the mop.
Auto Dust Emptying
Automatically adjusts dust emptying based on hair buildup.
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Upon detecting a large amount of hair, the robot will increase its auto-empty frequency to avoid the dustbin being full when returning to charge2.

The dust bag is designed with a pull-to-seal feature, boasting a sturdy handle that seals automatically upon lifting. This not only keeps hands clean but also prevents swelling or bursting when absorbing water.
7 Weeks without manual emptying3
By automatically vacuuming dirt back into the dock, you can enjoy over 7 weeks of hands-free cleanliness.
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99.9% pollen filtration rate4
Certified by SGS, the dock can remove up to 99.9% of pollen particles in auto dust emptying.
Auto Tank Refilling
Mops up to 3552 sqft constant damp mopping per fill5.
The multifunctional dock refills the robot water tank automatically during cleanup whenever the water level is low. It can mop up to 3552 sqft (330 sqm) before you need to fill the clear water tank manually.
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Up to
3552 sqft
mopping coverage on a single fill
Detachable Dock Base
Say goodbye
to buildup of mud.
The entire dock base can be removed for thorough cleaning, reducing the buildup of mud and dirt over time. The upgraded large filter helps further reduce clogging.
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30% Faster Charging
cleaning faster.
Quickly resume cleaning by charging 30% faster than before6.
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7000 Pa
Extreme Suction7
HyperForce® Cleaning Power
Root out hair from crevices and carpets.
With its impressive 7000 Pa suction, Roborock Qrevo S is designed to remove hair and debris in floor crevices and deep in carpets. When operating at maximum suction, the main brush speed will be increased by 10% for optimal efficiency.
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All-Rubber Anti-Tangle Brush
Less tangle. Less trouble.
The spiral-designed rubber brush blades transport hair to both ends, where it is then easy to clean. The all-rubber anti-tangle brush also features a floating design that adapts to uneven ground for optimal cleaning efficiency.
Dual Liftable Spinning Mops
Mops as if you did.
With dual liftable spinning mops, Roborock Qrevo S is designed to tackle stubborn stains as if you were mopping by yourself, whether it's smooth tiles or rough surfaces.
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200 RPM
maximum mopping speed8
Dual mopping pads spin up to 200 revolutions per minute, removing stubborn stains, and mimicking hand-mop results.
0.4 Inches
mopping module lifting9
The mopping module is able to lift 0.4 inches (10 mm) to avoid damping short pile carpet while cleaning.
30 Levels
of constant dampness water flow10
You can finely adjust water flow in detailed 30 levels to meet needs of different floor types and humidity conditions.
Lift mops to avoid cross-contamination.
Mops will be lifted when returning for charging or washing, or when resuming mopping after washing.
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Lift mops to ensure ventilation.
While charging, mops are lifted to maintain ventilation, preventing molds and bad smells.
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Roborock SmartPlan™
Say goodbye to complicated settings.
Roborock SmartPlan™ tailors the optimal cleaning program according to your room type11. If you have set different floor types, it will adapt its cleaning strategies accordingly.
Study Room | Quiet vac. Standard mop.
Bedroom | Quiet vac. Gentle mop.
Living Room | Standard vac. Standard mop.

Clean bedrooms before bathrooms and kitchen.

Wash mops right after finishing each room.

Roborock App
Prefer complete control? No problem.
Temporary Cleaning
Not cleaned thoroughly? Clean again.
During cleaning, if any area is not well cleaned, you can direct the robot to clean it again. Once finished, it will resume its original task.
Custom Cleaning Routines
Shortcut your preferences.
Save the operations you use frequently as shortcuts. Activate them anytime in the Roborock App or home screen widgets.
Flexible Schedules
When and how to clean? It's your call.
You can schedule cleaning by day, by hour, by room, by mode, and even by custom routines.
Child Lock
Safety matters.
Once the child lock is enabled, the physical buttons will be locked when the robot is stationary.
Start cleaning any way you like.

Apple Watch App

Start cleaning on your Apple Watch without reaching out for your phone.

Launcher Widgets

One-click to access custom cleaning routines, start cleaning, and more.

Charge in
off-peak time.
You can choose off-peak times to charge to save on power as well as the costs of using peak-time electricity.
For Floors
Clean along floor directions.
The Roborock Qrevo S cleans along the direction of preset tiles to better remove hair and dust from crevices, while also reducing the noise from the main brush rubbing against floor cracks12.
For Carpets
Care for your carpets as you do.
Different strategies can be set separately on each individual carpet13.

High Pile Carpets

Choose to avoid

Entrance Carpets

Go across

Carpet Boost

Boost suction power when on carpets.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Clean your carpet twice for each room.

Vacuum Carpet First

Vacuum carpet first with a dry mop. Then start to mop.

Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance
Ready to avoid troubles. Every time.
Powered by structured light, the Roborock Qrevo S is ready to detect and navigate around obstacles effortlessly, even in cluttered rooms with items scattered on the floor.
Smart Suggestions for No-Go Zones
For easy-to-get-stuck places like below chairs and tables, the Roborock Qrevo S can detect and suggest them as 'No-Go Zones' to avoid getting stuck.
Your privacy matters. As always.
Your privacy matters to Roborock as how it matters to you. Roborock Qrevo S is certified by TUV Rheinland to comply with ETSI EN 303 64515.

Roborock Qrevo S


13.78 * 13.9 * 3.80 inches
(350 * 353 * 96.5 mm)


13.38 * 19.17 * 20.51 inches
(340 * 487 * 521 mm)

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  • Customizable App Features

  • ScratchSafe® Wheels and Brushes

  • Sensient® Sensor Array

  • Adaptive Route Algorithms

  • Quiet Cleaning

  • Washable E11 Rated Air Filter

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Qrevo-Master Qrevo-Master Qrevo-Master

* Images and videos are for illustration purposes only and may not exactly represent the product. The app interface is subject to change without notice.

1. Based on Roborock internal testing. Actual results may vary depending on usage conditions.

2. To achieve intelligent auto-empty, auto-empty frequency needs to be set to High on Roborock App.

3. Based on Roborock internal testing, actual emptying intervals may vary depending on cleanliness conditions.

4. Certification No. SHFT230300005371 by SGS Testing. Actual results may vary depending on usage conditions.

5. Based on Roborock internal testing with a full clean water tank in the dock. Mopping mode is set to default. Actual results may vary depending on environmental conditions.

6. Compared to the Roborock S7. Based on Roborock internal testing. Actual results may vary depending on usage conditions.

7. Based on Roborock internal testing under Max+ mode with a full battery according to IEC 62885-2:2021/5.11 standards.

8. Based on Roborock internal testing, selecting extreme water flow in custom mode. Actual results may vary depending on usage conditions.

9. Based on Roborock internal testing, the mopping modules can be lifted up to 0.4 Inches (10mm).

10. Available in Roborock App with manual settings.

11. Room types need to be set manually in Roborock App. The actual sweeping and mopping mode is automatically determined based on the home environment and historical cleaning behavior, and the actual cleaning mode shall prevail.

12. The "Clean Along Floor Direction" function needs to be set manually in Roborock App. Actual settings may change depending on the app version. The actual functional settings are subject to the app.

13. Carpet cleaning strategies need be set manually in Roborock App.

14. Based on Roborock internal testing compared to Clean & Mapping Mode. Actual results may vary depending on environmental conditions.

15. Certified by TUV Rheinland to comply with ETSI EN 303 645. Certification ID: 1111265626

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