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Trade-In 5 Easy Steps
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Fill out an online survey to initiate your trade-in.
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Customer service
Offer initial valuation
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Confirm the results and place the new order through trade-in window.
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Trade-in center
Confirm the final value.
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Customer service
Confirm and refund your money.
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Save up to $1000 when you trade-in a roborock Vacuum
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Which models are eligible for trade-in?
Currently, only the S5, S5 Max, S6, S6 Pure, S7, S6 MaxV, S7+, S7 MaxV,S7 MaxV Plus, S7 Max V Ultra, S7 Max Ultra, and S8 Pro Ultra are eligible for trade-in. Eligible models are listed on the Roborock official website( Keep an eye on the website for updates regarding models included in the trade-in program."
Am I able to participate trade-in as long as it's a vacuum from the US?
Trade-in is only available for FCC versions of vacuums purchased from official channels, including the Roborock official store, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Homedepot and other Roborock authorized retailers. During the trade in process, we will verify the vacuum's origin by entering the serial number(SN) to confirm it belongs to an official channel.
Can I participate in the trade-in program for refurbished vacuums?
Refurbished vacuums(including refurbished vacuums purchased by you, refurbished vacuums replaced by you after applying for after-sales service, etc.) cannot participate in the trade-in program.
Can each trade-in order accommodate more than one old vacuum?
Each trade-in order only supports one old vacuum for participation and does not allow for multiple old vacuums to be included in a single order. However, one customer can create multiple trade-in orders to cover multiple old vacuums. Each new vacuum order only supports once subsidy and cashback. The subsidy and the cashback cannot be combined.
How do I correctly input the SN (Serial Number)?
The serial number (SN) can be found on the bottom of the vacuum or on the inner box. Additionally, you can also find it on the Roborock App by logging in and navigating to the main operations page. Click on "Settings" in the upper right corner, then select "Product Info" to find the serial number (SN).
How can I check the runtime of vacuums?
To check the runtime of vacuums, log in to the Roborock app and navigate to the main operations page. Then, click on the "Settings" option in the upper right corner. After that, select "Cleaning History" and you'll be able to view the total time the vacuum has been running.
Who pays for shipping the old vacuum?
After you've finalized the purchase of the new vacuum, our customer service team will provide you with the prepaid shipping label within 24 hours. Roborock will cover the shipping costs for returning the old vacuum, so you won't need to bear any expenses. You should arrange the shipment for the old vacuum within 15 days.
Do I need to send back the accessories with my old vacuum?
Sending all accessories with the robot vacuum is essential. The degree of missing accessories affects the final valuation and the amount of cashback for the old vacuum.
Is there a deadline for customers to confirm the valuation and send out the old vacuum?
The determination of the valuation of the old vacuum and the dispatch of the old vacuum should be completed within 15 days. If this deadline is exceeded, the trade-in order will be automatically invalidated. If you wish to continue participating in the trade-in, you should create a new trade-in order. The confirmation of the final valuation should also be completed within 7 days, failure to do so will result in the automatic invalidation of yourtrade-in order. Additionally, you should confirm the address to send back the old vacuum within this 7-day period. If you do not accept the final evaluation and fail to confirm the address, the old vacuum will be sent to the address provided during the prepaid label process.
Can the purchase of a new vacuum be combined with other discounts?
In addition to enjoying new vacuum subsidy and points when purchasing a new vacuum, other discounts cannot be combined (including but not limited to subscription code, ID Me code etc.)
How long does it take to receive the cashback for my old vacuum after I send it out?
After the old vacuum is sent out, it will be evaluated by Roborock's trade-in center to determine the final valuation. Note: The final result is determined by the trade-in center based on the condition of the received vacuum. Once you confirm the final reslut, our customer service will process the cashback amount for the old vacuum within 48 hours on your new vacuum order.
How long does it take to get an online assessment and a trade-in center assessment?
The online assessment will be completed within 48 hours after you finish the online assessment survey. Additionally, the trade-in center assessment will be completed within 3 business days of receiving your old vacuum.
"What should I do if the difference between the initial and final valuation is too great and I decide not to proceed with the trade-in?
If you find that the final valuation significantly differs from theinitial one and you choose not to proceed with the trade-in, you can either select "No" when confirming the trade-in final valuation or get intouch with our customerservice. Roborock will cover the shipping cost for returning your old vacuum.(Note: If you disagree the final valuation, you should confirm the address to send back your old vacuum within 7 days. Failure to confirm within the deadline will result in the address provided at the time of dispatch being used. Roborock will not be liable for any losses caused by incorrectly filled addresses or address changes.) 
Can I still apply for the return of my old vacuum after I have already received the cashback for it?
If you have confirmed the final valuation and received the cashback for your old vacuum, your old vacuum cannot be returned. If you want to return the new vacuum for a refund, we will send you a refurbished vacuum equivalent to the valuation amount of the old vacuum (the valuation amount here is the old vacuum valuation amount you received), and refund the actual payment amount for new vacuum.(actual payment amount = new vacuum MSRP - new vacuum subsidy amount - old vacum valuation amount).
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