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October 15, 2021

Make Your Home a Smart Home! — Try These Devices

In all those times you’ve browsed on a shopping site or watched the news, have you ever asked yourself: “Which smart home appliance should I choose? What is the must-have on the market?” Basically, you now have more options with smartphone-controlled household appliances, like lighting, heating, security alarms, cleaning devices, and so on. Thanks to modern technology, you can now use remote control and artificial intelligence to keep your place truly safe and cozy. To get things started, here are a few recommendations to set up a smart home.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great way to start dabbling in the smart-home world, since safety issues are a top priority for most people. With the help of an app and a home security camera, you can watch the footage and always be aware of strangers at your door. A recent hit in the market is Netgear’s arlo Pro, one of the best-selling wireless security cameras, offering you 7 days of free rolling cloud storage.

security camera

Smart Speaker

For entertainment lovers, smart speakers might grab your attention. Like a traditional speaker, a smart speaker plays your favorite music, but these speakers are most likely wireless and use Alexa/Google Home/Siri or other smart built-in assistants, so you can easily locate the track you want to listen to. If you can handle the premium price, go for Sonos One, which talks to Siri and pairs with the Apple Homepod.

smart speaker

Smart Light Bulb

You might wonder if smart home appliances are functional or practical, but a smart light bulb is definitely the way to go! You can replace your old standard light bulb with a smart light bulb, with either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or both built in, that connects to your phone. This way you can turn on the lights in your home right before you get there, so you don’t have to walk in in the dark. If you are sick and tired of white bulbs, the Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb White and Color can come to the rescue with its color-changing lighting ability.

smart light bulb

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

For those who hate sweeping the floor, it’s time to buy a robot vacuum cleaner! Take the incredible Roborock S5 as an example. This smart-mapping robot uses laser-distance navigation, letting it work even in the dark. Not only does it offer powerful suction and an automatic carpet pressurization mode, it can also mop the floor, adjusting the water level so that the floor dries almost instantly. You don’t need to worry about the robot getting stuck, either, since it has 13 sensors to enable smooth navigation.

Roborock robot cleaner

Smart Temperature Controllers

You’ll be happy to hear that there are smart temperature controllers and smoke detectors as well. A smart temperature controller allows AC systems to maintain lower humidity and temperatures using less energy, which leads to more comfortable and cost-efficient conditions in your living space. A smart smoke detector, on the other hand, sends an alert to your smartphone if it senses something amiss. Besides all these, the Onelink Safe & Sound, when there’s not an emergency, can play music, audiobook, and access Amazon’s Alexa.

Roborock robot

All in all, these smart home products have a promising future. Since there are so many categories on the market, why not start with a smart speaker, or maybe a robot vacuum? A clean place is definitely the way to start a smart home.