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October 15, 2021

Deep cleaning vs. Regular cleaning: How to deep-clean your house

Spring is in the air. Now that the days are getting longer as well as warmer, it’s time to open windows and dust off the cobwebs. It’s the season to get our homes back in order with some much-needed help from Roborock’s deep-cleaning technology.

What is Deep Cleaning and Do You Really Need It?

Deep cleaning goes above and beyond your regular cleaning routine. It addresses areas of your home that trap dirt, areas that you may not have noticed even if you are someone who cleans often.

Deep cleaning should take several days when done correctly, something not everyone has time for. Unless you have a small and uncluttered home, it’s not a task that could be accomplished by hand in a weekend. But everyone can use a Roborock vacuum to help them deep clean more efficiently.  

While most people only have time to deep clean once or twice a year, Roborock will save you a whole lot of time cleaning your floors throughout the year. Roborock’s smart features will leave your home clear of allergens, germs, and mold that could make you and your family sick.

Roborock vacuums use a mapping technology with a high-precision LDS laser to scan the area and SLAM algorithms to create a map of your home. Once it creates this map, the vacuum cleans the perimeter first and then uses a z-pattern to clean the center. It calculates the most efficient route for a thorough clean. Roborock S5 does all of this, plus it offers 2000Pa of suction, ensuring that it cleans every bit of dirt from your carpets and your floors, making your flooring spotless.

While you’re working to deep-clean small crevices of your home, you can rest assured that your Roborock vacuum is taking care of the floors.

How to Deep-Clean Your Home Room by Room

Different rooms require different approaches and different tools and products, but one thing every room has in common is that it needs the Roborock vacuum to make the floor spotless. Rather than worrying about getting on your hands and knees to clean up dog hair or get the dust up off your floor, you can worry about organizing your supplies and tackling other sections of your home.

  1. Bathrooms

While Roborock will get rid of any hair or dirt on your bathroom floor, it is important that you deep-clean places above the ground where Roborock can’t reach.

Start by giving the toilet a good scrub. Clean all light fixtures, dust all corners for cobwebs, and wash any windows and window treatments.

Remove and scrub everything in your tub, shower, and walls. Clean behind any removable shelves or caddies. In order to reach all the hidden little crevices, use a toothbrush to scrub the shower head and drain. Clean or replace the shower curtain and restock your shower with your favorite shower supplies.

Take everything off the counter and wash the mirror with glass cleaner. Use a toothbrush to scrub around the drain, and then clean the sink and counter. Wash the soap dish, toothbrush holder, and all products you use on a daily basis and then put them back on the counter.

Remove everything from the medicine cabinet, clean all shelves and then organize everything you’re putting back. Take everything out of the cupboards and wipe the inside. Make sure that, as you’re cleaning your bathroom, you’re discarding or setting aside any old or unwanted items.

The floors in the bathroom are obviously very important. They can collect all kinds of unwanted dust, dirt, and grime. With regular use, a Roborock vacuum can keep your bathroom floors clean. Look for a model with a mopping feature, such as the Roborock S5 to make sure your bathroom floors are clean and sanitary for your health and convenience.

  1. Kitchen

It’s extremely important to keep your kitchen particularly clean, because you don’t want any lingering bacteria in a place where food is prepared and consumed. Roborock will get rid of any floor residue while you take measures to clean the higher areas of the kitchen.

Start by dusting all light fixtures to get rid of cobwebs. Wipe the tops of the cupboards, wash the windows, and clean the window treatments. Take items out of the cupboards, and wipe the inside of the cupboards before replacing the items.

Take everything out of your pantry, clean the pantry shelves, replace what you want, and get rid of any expired food. Set aside items that are still good but that you don’t want and donate them to a food bank.

Take everything off the counters and give all surfaces and items a good scrub. Clean out the inside of the microwave, toaster, and all other small appliances.

Take everything out of the freezer and refrigerator, removing all shelves and drawers. Wash them in warm soapy water and set them aside to dry. Pull the fridge away from the wall and wash the outside. Leave it up to the Roborock to clean the dusty floor where the fridge has been before putting the fridge back.

Scrub the range hood with a good kitchen cleaner. Give the stovetop and oven a good cleaning. Then, pull the stove away from the wall and wash the sides and door. Again, let your Roborock vacuum where the stove has been to get rid of accumulated dust and debris.

Clean the faucet and drain with a toothbrush and then wash the sink. Dust all baseboards and pick up everything off the floor. Make sure, again, that you dispose of or set aside any old or unwanted items in your kitchen.

As with most kitchens, there will be dirt and food particles on the ground. A Roborock with a vacuum and mopping feature will make sure your kitchen floors are clean and safe.

  1. Bedrooms

Clean light fixtures, dust the corners for cobwebs, and clean any pictures you may have hanging on the walls. Flip or rotate your mattress and wash your linens.

Organize your closet and donate clothing you don’t wear. Pull the furniture away from the walls and let the Roborock clean all of the dust that has built up under your furniture. Unlike a human, the Roborock won’t have any trouble finding each and every piece of dirt to clean up. The Roborock will ensure that you are sleeping in a non-bacteria-filled environment.

  1. Linen Closets, Mudroom, and Laundry Room

These three rooms attract the most dust of all. Roborock is here to help you leave each room spotless.

Remove all items from the closets, wiping shelves from top to bottom. Wash items that haven’t been used for a while. Use the Roborock vacuum to clean the floor.

Dust the mudroom for cobwebs and clean light fixtures and window treatments. Wipe all surfaces and organize items by season. Declutter the area, dust baseboards, and clean the floor.

Wash the outside of the washer and dryer. Organize your detergents and supplies.

The floors in these areas and rooms can often collect all kinds of dirt, dust, hair, and grime. They’re not easy to clean with a regular vacuum, but the Roborock line of vacuums are designed to perfectly fit into these hard-to-reach areas. Roborock will leave your once-dusty laundry room clean and spotless.

  1. Common Areas

Dust corners, clean light fixtures and windows, wash window treatments, and wipe hard surfaces. Vacuum couches and upholstered items. Declutter as you go, putting away all unnecessary items. Dust anything hanging on walls and clean behind furniture. Let Roborock free to work its magic on the floors around the house.

  1. Outdoor Areas                      

Sweep and hose down patios, then scrub away stubborn stains. Wash removable cushions and clean outdoor furniture. Wipe railings and clean light fixtures.

9 Tips from Professional Housekeepers

  1. Get rid of expired or unused household items.
  2. Clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  3. Don’t forget to clean the baseboards behind furniture.
  4. Wash windows as well as window sills and door frames.
  5. Vacuum, mop, and treat floors.
  6. Clean window treatments, such as drapes or blinds.
  7. Check and replace smoke-detector batteries.
  8. Check expiration dates on fire extinguishers.
  9. Wash out the inside of garbage cans.