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October 15, 2021

Did you know that our robot vacuums also mop?

The Roborock S5 and E25 models aren’t just powerful vacuums that clean deep into your carpets, they are also efficient robot mops. There’s really no better way to keep your home perfectly clean than regular vacuuming and mopping. Just imagine how bright your kitchen floors would be they we’re mopped daily while you were at work?

How do they work?

Both the S5 and the E25 have an easy-to-use, clip in water tank with a microfiber washcloth attached to the bottom. This means all you have to do is clip it to the bottom of the vacuum when you’d like it to start mopping, then it does the rest. The innovative tank valves only let out as much water as is needed and automatically stops when the robot stops moving, ensuring that you never come home to wet floors or any water damage. The washcloth comes right off and can be thrown into the washer with your household laundry so it’s fully reusable and a great eco-friendly solution to mopping.

Roborock mopping vacuum

How to get the best clean with a Roborock mopping vacuum

Let’s outline some tips for getting the most out of your mopping robot, ensuring that you get sparkling floors every day.

  1. Always start by wetting the microfiber washcloth. This helps with the water seepage used by the water tank valves and will make sure that it’s cleaning efficiently from the moment it starts.
  2. When you’re attaching the washcloth onto the bottom of the water tank (before you click it in to the vacuum), be sure to pull the cloth tight so that there’s no wrinkles or folds. A flat cleaning cloth is key to a clean floor.
  3. If you have a tough spot that needs cleaning, like a stain or a spill, try spraying the washcloth with cleaning solution. Then try using the Spot-Cleaning mode in the Mi Home app to send your mopping robot to the spot with the spill.
    get the best clean with a Roborock mopping vacuum
    There’s no better way to get sparking floors than using a robot vacuum that also mops. In the past, if you wanted a robot vacuum and a robot mop, you’d need to buy them both separately. Now, with the arrival of Roborock robot vacuums, you can save all that space and money with one robot to clean your floors—no matter what they’re made of. From tile to hardwood to cork, our mopping attachment turns the Roborock S5 and the E35 into powerfully mopping robots that can clean any surface. Keep every floor in your home perfectly clean every day, with Roborock.