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August 08, 2019

How a Robot Vacuum Cleans Your House When You’re Not Home

August is a great month for fun vacations, family reunions, and impromptu trips. Enjoying the last month of summer is wonderful self-care. It’s tricky though, to manage the house while you are gone. We are so thankful when a friend can stop by to water the plants, check the mail, and take out the garbage bins. Additionally, it’s very sweet when someone can stay the night and provide company for the pets. It can be awkward, however, to ask a friend to do chores around the house. You want a friend to feel like a guest instead of a house cleaner. The problem remains; how can we keep the house clean when you aren’t home? Even if a guest pops by occasionally, dust will still collect throughout the house. Dirt finds a way to sneak inside the home, especially if you have indoor pets. Cats and dogs shed their hair constantly in the summer, and the floors must be vacuumed regularly to keep a house clean.

 family reunoins

The last thing you want to do after a vacation is clean the house. A dirty house can be taxing, whether you are gone for a month or a weekend at the beach. Fortunately, there is a way to get everything clean while you are gone. A robot vacuum is a great help around the house. It will relieve the pressure of having to clean when you come back home and will release the house sitter from extra obligations. He or she doesn’t have to take care of the robot at all. You can control it from the comfort of your phone. From day trips to longer vacations, you can teach a robot vacuum how to clean the house. Let’s show you.

A Day at the Beach

For shorter trips, like a day at the beach, you don’t have to stress about tracking sand into the home. After you put all the swimsuits and beach towels away, you can use a smart home device—like an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant—to clean up after you. A simple voice command will get your vacuum going right away. As soon as your vacuum has finished with your floors, you can tell your smart speaker to send it home, back to the charging dock.

 at the beach with friends

Let’s say you are enjoying a day of sunshine with friends. You want the fun to continue, so you invite everyone over for an impromptu barbeque. They all agree and that’s when you suddenly realize the living room floor is a mess. You were going to clean it before you left but were too rushed to remember. You don’t have time to run home and command your smart speaker to vacuum.

Don’t worry, this is an easy fix. Using the Xiaomi Mi Home app on your smartphone, tick the living room on the map and start a cleanup, then the vacuum will have it fresh and clean when you walk through the front door. You are ready for company, and everyone is impressed with how nice your floor looks. They can focus on the design of the house and not the dirt in the living room. It’s a big relief knowing that a robot vacuum will clean your home for any occasion.

Wish You Were Here

Forgo the stress and anxiety over a cleaning service while you are on vacation. It’s too much hassle. You have to schedule the times for them to come, make sure they have a key, and the cost can be unreasonable. A robot vacuum understands a home just as well as a cleaning crew, if not better.

 home relaxion

Going on a longer vacation is a beautiful opportunity for complete relaxation. The best part is trying to remember which day it is. Life is good when the most stressful moment is deciding if you want to take a nap or have lunch first. No one wants to think about the kitchen floor collecting dust while on vacation. This is the time to forget about all the obligations back home. Thankfully, a robot vacuum with the latest technology can help. A vacuum that has mapping capabilities will know the exact specifications of your home. It can memorize your floor plans and establish daily cleaning routes. The dust doesn’t stand a chance with a regularly scheduled vacuum.

Another fantastic benefit is a clean house with no delays. You don’t have to be inconvenienced by a low-quality battery life. Roborock’s new model has a long-lasting battery and a sensor to detect when the battery is running low. If the vacuum is performing a long clean and senses a low battery, it will bring itself back to the charging dock. Then, after the battery is restored, the vacuum will find precisely where it left off and resume cleaning.

Great for All Occasions

We’ve mostly discussed using a robot vacuum for fun trips and vacations, but a robot vacuum works great any time you can’t be home. If you have to run errands, a robot vacuum will welcome you home with a clean house. The vacuum will clean during the day while you are at work or if you need to go on a company trip. Your smart home device can put you at ease if no one happens to be home at night. With the latest home app, like the Xiaomi Mi Home, you can turn on the lights, activate the security alarm, and run a Roborock vacuum to create the illusion of someone being home.

 robot vacuum

Roborock pairs excellently with a smart home device and makes for a perfect house sitter. Breathe a little easier while you are on vacation and trust that the vacuum has all the floor cleaning needs covered. Visit our website at and match a dream vacation to a dream robot vacuum.