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Floor Cleaning Tips & Tricks

January 28, 2023

6 Reasons to switch to a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Roborock S7

As seen in our previous blog, an increased emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness in recent years has made the vacuum cleaner appealing once again. Today's vacuum cleaners are divided into two main types: handheld upright devices and automated robot cleaners.

The hockey puck-shaped robot vacuums are a big help, especially because they work with smart homes. Furthermore, robotic vacuum cleaners are part of the new wave of technology that has grown in popularity over the last two decades, alongside the rise of AI-powered home appliances. 

But are they close to replacing the traditional handheld upright vacuum cleaner? Here are 6 reasons why we think yes!

1) Not hard on your body

Vacuuming is a necessary task, but it can be taxing on the body. Pushing and pulling an upright vacuum repeatedly can cause pain in your back, shoulders, neck, hips, and knees. If you are tired of hurting yourself while cleaning, we strongly advise you to consider a robot vacuum. These machines will allow you to clean your house without wearing you down.

2) Hands-free comfort

The most significant advantage of a robot vacuum cleaner is that it operates autonomously. The Roborock S7 can be controlled by smartphone apps that connect to your home's Wi-Fi to receive control commands and relay data such as cleaning statistics, map and location, and the condition of parts such as brushes and air filters.

Without further user intervention, the Roborock S7 will navigate itself around all accessible areas of your home and clean in a predetermined pattern. Once fully configured, the device only needs to be powered on, and you can resume your previous activity- like the book you were reading or playing with your kids. Many robot vacuum cleaners store home maps and can be programmed to clean specific rooms, in a specific order. You can also create no-go zones, virtual wall barriers and other restrictions.

Many of these devices, like the Roborock S7, can also mop, thanks to water reservoir tanks and mop attachments that allow them to vacuum and mop at the same time. This means that a mop robot vacuum can provide a comprehensive floor cleaning solution while requiring little manual effort from the user.

3)Superior Cleaning

The robot vacuum cleaner picks up dry debris, dust, and pet hair from the floor with ease. As mentioned above, a robot vacuum cleaner is not only capable of dry cleaning, but also of wet cleaning. To accomplish this, the tank must be filled with water and installed in the device. 

If you intend to create a cleaning schedule, the container must be filled ahead of time so that the mop robot vacuum can start on time. Modern devices offer a variety of water supply modes that can be selected based on the coating and level of surface dirtiness. This allows you to concentrate on your needs while cleaning more efficiently.

The level of dirtiness determines the cleaning quality. If constant cleanliness is essential, a robot vacuum cleaner is a better solution, than its upright counterpart, for daily use. The house will undoubtedly become cleaner as a result of its introduction.

4) Low noise levels

Even if the model has a high power level (2500 pa2 of suction), the Roborock S7 does its job without making any unnecessary noise. A regular vacuum cleaner, for example, has an average noise level of 80 dB, whereas even the most powerful robots rarely exceed 50 dB, which is no louder than a conversation at a distance of about one meter.

But do robotic vaccums have less power than hand held? The answer is no! The Roborock S7 can capture fine dust on hard floors, hair from carpets, and everything in between.

5) Easy Storage

The usual issue with regular upright vacuum cleaners is their large size; they must be stored separately. This is not a problem if the layout of your flat allows for a pantry. However, in a studio apartment, for example, such a household appliance will be much more difficult to locate. A compact robot vacuum cleaner is much more convenient in this regard because it takes up less space.

6) Insect Control

According to an Ohio State University study, regular vacuuming at home can kill 96% of fleas (adults and larvae). A robot vacuum cleaner also aids in the removal of dust mites that live inside your home, lowering the risk of dust allergy and asthmatic problems. A robotic vacuum cleaner is an excellent way to reach and extract dust mites that congregate in the house's corners.

In Summary

How much time are we willing to devote to cleaning? If you dislike cleaning and prefer to devote your time to work or family rather than household chores and appliances, a robot vacuum cleaner is your ideal home assistant. A mop robot vacuum is an excellent cleaning assistant: it saves time and energy and keeps the house clean at all times.