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Cleaning Your Home– Emotionally Taxing or Therapeutic?

Cleaning can either be a dreaded chore or a relaxing experience. According to our survey findings, over half of American homeowners feel cleaning is soothing with the most therapeutic cleaning activity being disinfecting surfaces. However, over 2 in 5 homeowners are drained after cleaning, calling the bathroom the emotionally taxing room in the home to clean.


Of homeowners say cleaning their home is therapeutic




Of homeowners say cleaning their home is emotionally taxing

The Most Therapeutic Cleaning Activities, Ranked

1. Disinfecting surfaces

3. Washing dishes

2. Vacuuming the floor

4. Folding laundry

The Most Emotionally Taxing Rooms To Clean, Ranked

1. Bathroom

3. Living Room

2. Kitchen

4. Bedroom

The Financial Cost of a Clean Home

The Average American Home vs. Celebrity Homes

Americans pay about $185 to get their homes professionally cleaned, with the majority doing so weekly. That’s over $9,600 per year!

That could buy you:

First-class round-the-world airfare for two

Groceries every week for one and a half years

A Grande Starbucks Frappuccino every single day for six and a half years

Your very own Chick-fil-A franchise

Using the averages from our survey data, we uncovered the cost to clean ten popular celebrity homes estimating the average cost of professional cleaning at .15 cents per square foot. While most American homes are 1,249 square feet and valued at $250K, celebrity homes have quite different specs. With up to 30,000 square footage of living space, the cost of maintaining a clean home is drastically different for celebrities compared to the average American homeowner.

 Kanye West

Kanye West’s $4.5 million 3,651 square-foot Hidden Hills estate (the one neighboring the ex-Kimye compound) would cost about $548 to be professionally cleaned, and if cleaned weekly that would equate to about $28.5K per year.

 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s $36.5 million 15,350 square-foot Holmby Hills mansion would cost about $2.3K to be professionally cleaned, or $119.7K per year if cleaned weekly.

 Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s $59 million 8,269 square-foot oceanfront mansion in Palm Beach, Florida (currently on the market) would cost about $1.24K to clean per professional cleaning session or nearly $64.5K per year if cleaned weekly.


Adele’s $58 million 15,401 square-foot Beverly Park mansion (built by Sylvester Stallone) would cost $2.3K per professional cleaning, or $120K per year if cleaned weekly.

 LeBron James

LeBron James’ $36.75 million 9,146 square-foot Beverly Hills mansion would cost $1.3K to clean per week, or $71.3K per year if cleaned weekly.

 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s $20 million 15,667 square-foot Hidden Hills “French Country piece de resistance” mansion (originally purchased with Kanye) would cost about $2.3K per professional cleaning or $122.2K yearly if cleaned weekly.

 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s $17.75 million 11,744 square-foot Rhode Island home known as ‘Holiday House’ (the one she sings about in “the last great american dynasty” on her album folklore) would cost about $1.7K per professional cleaning, or $91.6K per year if cleaned weekly.


Drake’s $75 million 24,260 square-foot Beverly Hills property would cost $3.6K per professional cleaning, or $189.2K yearly if cleaned every week.

 Britney Spears

Britney Spears' $7.4 million 13,300 square foot Italian-style Thousand Oaks villa (the one we often see glimpses of in Framing Britney Spears and her TikTok stories) would cost about $1,995 per cleaning, and if cleaned weekly would total $103,740 per year.

 Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s $88 million 30,000 square-foot Bel Air compound would cost $4.5K per cleaning, or $234K per year if cleaned weekly.

$234 /year 30,000 ft2

Beyonce and Jay-Z's Bel-Air compound would cost up to $234K per year if cleaned weekly.

The Time Cost of A Clean Home

The Average American Home vs. Celebrity Homes

The majority of homeowners report having 1,249 square feet of living space, taking a professional about three hours to clean per week. However, most homeowners don’t outsource their cleaning to a professional and instead spend about six hours deep cleaning their homes every week. That’s double the amount of time it would take a professional and about 312 hours, or 13 days, per year!

That’s the same amount of time it takes to:

Go to the moon and back–twice

Become a certified Yoga instructor

Recover from jetlag after an eastward trip across nine time zones

Watch all eight seasons of Game of Thrones–five times

Using the calculation of 416 square feet equating to one hour of professional cleaning gathered from our survey data, we found the hours it would take to clean celebrity homes, per cleaning and per year, if cleaned weekly.

  Square Footage Hours To Clean Entire Home, Per Cleaning Days To Clean Entire Home, Per Year
Kanye West 3,651 8.77 19 Days
Donald Trump 8,269 19.86 43 Days
LeBron James 9,146 21.97 48 Days
Taylor Swift 11,744 28.23 61 Days
Britney Spears 13,300 31.97 69 Days
Kylie Jenner 15,350 36.87 79 Days
Adele 15,401 36.99 80 Days
Kim Kardashian 15,667 37.66 82 Days
Drake 24,260 58.27 126 Days
Beyonce and
30,000 72.06 156 Days

What Would You Give Up for a Lifetime of Professional Home Cleanings?

With 65% of Americans cleaning their homes themselves, lifetime access to a maid is a tempting offer. In fact, Americans are likely to trade everything from alcohol to their current relationship if it meant they never had to clean their home again.


Social media33%


My next salary increase28%

Online shopping24%

My biggest vice22%

One year performance bonus22%

Working from home21%

My current relationship19%


While the financial, emotional, and time costs of maintaining a clean home can be burdensome, cleanliness is proven to have an array of benefits from reducing stress and keeping us healthy. Our survey results indicate that home cleanliness is a priority for American homeowners with the majority of Americans cleaning their homes on a weekly basis. Whether you clean your home yourself or outsource to a professional, whether your home is 30,000 square feet or 3,000 square feet, or you are a celebrity or an average American, maintaining cleanliness will no doubt make your home a calming, safe, enjoyable place to be.


This survey was conducted by Roborock in collaboration with sampling provider, Pollfish. The sample included 2,003 U.S. homeowners who own either single-family homes, apartments, or condos.

46% of respondents were male, and 53% were female. 13% of respondents were aged 18-24, 25% of respondents were aged 25-34, 27% were aged 35-44, 15% were aged 45-54, and 22% were over 54 years of age.

To estimate the time and financial cost to clean a celebrity home, we used the square footage of celebrity homes for the baseline calculation with data gathered from Zillow. We then calculated the time and monetary cost for a professional home cleaning per square foot using the majority response from our survey data. Our calculations showed it would take a professional one hour to clean 416 square feet at a cost of .15 cents per square foot. We divided the square footage of the celebrity home by 416 to reach the estimated time calculation and multiplied the square footage of the celebrity home by .15 to determine the cost per professional home cleaning. With the survey findings showing the most common frequency of professional home cleanings as once per week, we then multiplied by 52 to determine the money spent per year if professional cleanings were outsourced weekly.

We did not statistically test our hypothesis, therefore this research is exploratory in nature and its findings are not conclusive.